Training Translation Services

Training Translation has become vital for many businesses in Ireland. Language is one of the biggest obstacles affecting migrant worker’s health and safety. In an increasingly diverse work environment it is vital that we provide training that is clearly understood by every employee.  Using translators or delivering training in a range of languages is very important for today’s dynamic business.

Under the Health Safety & Welfare at Work Act 2005 employers have a duty to provide, as far as reasonably practicable, all employees with the appropriate instruction, information and training to carry out their duties without risk of illness or injury.

If foreign workers do not have the language skills to understand the training and instructions given to them, employers must provide information and instruction in a language that they do understand. This is of heightened importance where there are significant risks in the workplace. Training Translation is becoming more common in the workplace.

Choice Training & Consultancy can provide training and training translation in the following languages:

Polish, Russian, Lithuanian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Italian, Moldovan. Other training translation languages available on request.

Training can be delivered by qualified trainers in many different languages. Alternatively training can be delivered in English with a translator for a mixed audience.

Our trainers and translators provide a range of services including Health & Safety Training, employee inductions, SOP, training manual and document translations as well as a range of business, HR and legal translation services. Your business documents and files will be translated and edited to exactly reflect the original.

All of our translators are fluent in English and the language offered and have a broad range of qualifications, skills and experience.

Choice Training & Consultancy are the Food Safety Training Partner of the Chinese Restaurant Association of Ireland, delivering training for their 200 members restaurants on a monthly basis in Dublin and Nationwide. Training in delivered in both English and Chinese.

To book training or find out more about our training translation services please contact us.