Food Safety Courses Online

Food Safety Courses Online / eLearning

The growth in food safety & HACCP courses online has exploded in the last 5 years. While we believe a blended approach is the best way to approach training there is no denying the benefits of elearning to food business operators. There are many food safety & HACCP training courses on the market both accredited and non-accredited. All of our online courses are designed to meet the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) guidelines and that staff involved in a food environment are trained and/or supervised, commensurate with their work activity and this responsibility lies with the proprietor of the food business. This online training allows you to meet the legislative requirement of (EC) 852/2004 for Food Hygiene.

While there is no legal requirement to undertake accredited courses, it does give food business owners more quality assurance as non accredited courses may have no quality assurance processes. We are delighted that all of our online food safety & HACCP training courses have obtained accreditation from the CPD Standards office. In addition to this, we have full time food safety trainers and consultants available to give further advise to our clients. Our food safety trainers are accredited and registered with the Food Safety Professional Association (FSPA), Environmental Health Association of Ireland (EHAI) and the National Hygiene Partnership (NHP).


CPD Certified Food Safety & HACCP eLearning Online Courses

Food Safety Training Courses Available by eLearning:


Food Safety Level 1 Online


Food Safety & HACCP Level 2 Online


Food Safety & HACCP Management Level 3 Online


Food Allergen Awareness Online


Benefits of eLearning:

  • Self-Paced. Employees don’t have to work to the pace of the fastest or slowest learner in a traditional training setting. They work at their own pace.
  • Self- Directed. Employees have access to their training at any time that suits them and can bookmark where they leave off. They can repeat or revise any modules they wish.
  • Engaging Content. Courses are interactive and use the latest cognitive learning theories that push, rather than pull employee’s through training. Gamification is used to engage users.
  • Knowledge Retention. All courses are designed in line with the latest cognitive learning theory. The courses are designed so to ensure retention of content.
  • Positive Learning experience. Research shows that 90% of those who have experienced elearning agree that it was a positive learning experience and enhances learning.
  • Less time lost. Employees are not under pressure to catch up on work due to days spent out of their normal work environment in training.
  • Cost Effective. Costs associated with training are lower. ELearning reduces training costs by up to 70%.
  • No Scheduling Hassle. eLearning is available 24/7. Courses can be accessed from any location on a PC, Laptop or Tablet. All they need is internet access.
  • Increased productivity. eLearning allows courses to be completed at any time. Employees no longer need to travel offsite for training.
  • Compliant & Certified Courses. All courses meet current legislative requirements and our verified by industry experts. Changes in legislation is quickly updated. Courses are certified.
  • Greener. No need for printing reams of notes, no traveling. The online format will reduce your business carbon footprint.
  • Employee Retention. 23% of employees leave due to lack of development opportunities and training. eLearning is a cost-effective way to provide ongoing training to employees.