Company Branded eLearning Portal

Company Branded eLearning Portal

Choice Training & Consultancy can provide your business with its own Branded Learning Management System (LMS) or eLearning for your employees. The elearning portal is designed to fit your needs and is suitable for businesses of all sizes. You can choose the modules that suit your workplace and team and modules can be tailored to your specific business needs. This option is particularly of interest to employers with medium to large teams and will vastly cut down on your paperwork and administration time and costs.

When your employees log on they see only your own company branding on the elearning portal. Your branded LMS can be a standalone portal or can easily be integrated into your existing website.

Our LMS / elearning portals are customizable to suit your business needs. Not only does this mean access to your online course anytime you like, it also provides a range of time saving features. You can track employees progress and performance, generate reports in excel or PDF at the click of a button, access employee certificates and download reports. It gives you total control, simplifies administration and provides a better training experience for employees. Training and associated costs and time commitments will be greatly reduced. Changes can easily be made or online courses added in line with legislative changes, reducing hassle.

The growth in online learning has been phenomenal in the last 5 years and fits into a blended approach to your overall health and safety training. Rather than buying courses off the shelf, allow your team to log into your own branded elearning portal and take courses relevant to their area of work. This is a very affordable and effective option, rather than ongoing monthly fee’s you only pay for the training that you require. No hidden fee’s. If you would like to discuss your specific requirement s or arrange a demo of the system, please get in touch.


Bespoke Course Development

Can’t find an online course that matches your business needs? Look no further! We design bespoke online training courses that meet our clients requirements. From the forecourt to aviation to pharmaceutical and many other industries, we are making our clients more compliant via elearning.

We incorporate your branding, policies, site specific procedures and methods to ensure our courses are exactly what your employees need in terms of training. We help businesses become more compliant. Our bespoke courses can be made available to your employees via a Branded eLearning Portal.

Contact us today and we can arrange an initial consultation to discuss your business needs. We will work very closely with you in developing a bespoke site specific induction.


Contractor Inductions Online:

Do all your contractors, sub-contractors and their employees have to complete a contractor inductions before they start work on your site? This can become especially cumbersome when you have multiple sites.

With our online contractor inductions you can ensure all contractors, employees, temps and visitors have completed site specific induction prior to arrival on- site or as soon as they arrive on-site. This can alleviate the challenge or renewing inductions, ensure consistency in inductions and reduce the hassles of scheduling. Our bespoke inductions are available to your contractors 24/7. The reporting capabilities make it very easy for Health and Safety managers to track induction training.

Our inductions are NOT video based, the use the latest cognitive learning theory and are designed in line with site specific requirements. They will save you time, money and hassle while making you more compliant.

Contact us today and we can arrange an initial consultation to discuss your business needs and show you a sample online contractor induction course. We will work very closely with you in developing a bespoke site specific induction.

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