Food Safety Audits

Food Safety Audits

Periodic Food Safety Audits ensure that you are meeting the standards outlined in Food safety legislation and verify that your food safety management system or HACCP plan is meeting the expected standard. Food businesses who are pro-active in terms of food safety are less likely to have non-conformances with food safety legislation and don’t fear a visit from the Environmental Health Office (EHO). They are also very useful for preparing for third party audits such as BRC or ISO 22000.

Meeting food safety standards are the legal responsibility of the food business operator. Food Safety Audits highlight non-conformances and areas for improvement ensuring high standard are maintained in your food business. Where required we can focus on certain areas of the business.

Our experienced auditors work systematically as they carry out their audits in line with the relevant safety standards that apply to your food premises. The areas audited may include:

  • Food Safety Management Documentation
  • HACCP Compliance & Implementation
  • Structural & Operational Hygiene
  • Cleaning Procedures & Schedules
  • Food Safety, Storage & Protection
  • Personal Hygiene & Staff Facilities
  • Food Traceability

Following the inspection, the food business owner is provided with a detailed report highlighting areas of excellence, area’s for improvement, identification of training needs and recommendations.

Food Safety Assurance Award

We also carry out inspections and audits for the Food Safety Professionals Association’s(FSPA) prestigious Food Safety Assurance Award (FSAA) Scheme.