Allergen Awareness & Communication Training

Our allergen awareness training is designed to meet legislative requirements in the area of Allergen Awareness, communications and labelling laws and is accredited by the Food Safety Professionals Association.

Since December 2014, it is a legal requirement in Ireland to indicate to consumers the use of any of the 14 listed allergenic ingredients used in the production or preparation of food. All food service staff should be trained in Allergen Awareness and Communication.

Who should attend this course?

Suitable for all food operatives and business owners in the Catering, Hospitality, Industrial, Retail and Artisan Food Sectors.

Course Content?

  • Introduction to Food Information to the Consumer Regulation
  • Who is affected?
  • What is a food allergy?
  • What are food intolerances?
  • How to deal with a food allergic customer
  • Food Allergies & Anaphylactic Reaction
  • Labelling and food allergens
  • The Big 14! 14 listed food allergens
  • How can you comply?
  • Managing allergens in your business

Course Duration:

2.5 hours giving you a comprehensive overview of current allergen and labelling legislation.


Learners will be required to sit a short assessment and will receive a certificate from the Food Safety Professionals Association.


Max 12


Certified by the Food Safety Professionals Association (FSPA) Certificate in Food Allergens & Communication

Online training in Food Allergen Awareness available here.