Contractor Induction Online

Do all your contractors, sub-contractors and their employees have to complete a contractor inductions before they start work on your site? This can become especially cumbersome when you have multiple sites.

With our online contractor inductions you can ensure all contractors, employees, temps and visitors have completed site specific induction prior to arrival on- site or as soon as they arrive on-site. This can alleviate the challenge or renewing inductions, ensure consistency in inductions and reduce the hassles of scheduling. Our bespoke inductions are available to your contractors 24/7. The reporting capabilities make it very easy for Health and Safety managers to track induction training.

Our inductions are NOT video based, the use the latest cognitive learning theory and are designed in line with site specific requirements. They will save you time, money and hassle while making you more compliant.

Contact us today and we can arrange an initial consultation to discuss your business needs and show you a sample online contractor induction course. We will work very closely with you in developing a bespoke site specific induction.