Serving Alcohol Sensibly (Pubs & Restaurants) Online Course

This course is a must for all bar tenders, waiting staff, hosts and all front of house staff in a licenced premises. It is also a useful course for those wishing to gain employment in a licenced premises / public house. It will equip participants to deal with difficult situations efficiently and safely.

Sensible service of alcohol is integral to running a licenced premises, ensures the wellbeing of both employees and customers. Failure to act responsibly in terms of serving alcohol irresponsibly can result in court appearances, fines, imprisonment, loss of licence, increased insurance costs and loss of business.

Our sensible service of alcohol course for bar tenders and waiting staff who serve alcohol is designed in line with the Licencing Acts 1833-2008 and in accordance with the Code of Practice on the Display and Sale of Alcohol Products in Trading Premises.

5Online Course Contents:

  • Tutorial & Instructions
  • Alcohol
  • Alcohol in the Body
  • Alcohol – The Law
  • An (almost) normal evening in the pub!

Entry Requirements: No previous experience is required.

Duration: Approx. 90 minutes at any time you choose. You can stop and restart, the course will be bookmarked where you left off. Work through this course at your own pace.

Certification Test: On completion of modules you will complete a short theory test online. You must achieve a pass mark of 60% to achieve certification.

IT Requirements: Internet Connection, Laptop or PC with Flash Player 8.0 or above or a tablet with Flash enabled browser.

Cost: €25