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what level of food safety training do I need

What Level of Food Safety Training Do I need?

A question we are asked on an almost daily basis: What level of food safety do I need? Level 1, 2, 3? This is a question that causes a lot of confusion in the food industry. According to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) state that staff involved in a food environment are trained and/or supervised, commensurate with their work activity and this responsibility lies with the proprietor of the food business.

There are many food safety & HACCP training courses on the market both accredited and non-accredited. While there is no legal requirement to undertake accredited courses, it does give food business owners more quality assurance as non accredited courses may have no quality assurance processes.

To add to the confusion there are courses marketed at level 4,5 and 6. So lets explain how these fit into the requirements for FSAI 1,2, 3 levels of food safety & HACCP Training.

What Level of Food safety training do I need?

Food Safety Level 1 – Induction Skills

This is basic food safety training for basic food safety and food hygiene skills that all staff should demonstrate within the first month of employment in a food business. It is recommended that all food workers are provided with level 1 training before starting in a food premises. This course is also suitable for support staff that may need to enter a food premises.

Course Duration should be 3-4 hours and can be delivered online, in-house or offsite. You do not have to complete level 1 training before progressing to level 2, in fact many food business owners chose to go straight to level 2. Here are some Level 1 Course Options:

Online Level 1 TrainingFood Safety Level 1, Basic Food Safety

In-house or Offsite Level 1 training

We recommend that all food workers also complete allergen awareness training in addition to basic training:

Food Safety Allergen Awareness Online Course

FSPA Allergen Awareness & Communication Training


Food Safety  Level 2 – Additional Skills

Often called Food Safety Level 2, Food Hygiene Level 2, HACCP Level 2, Food Safety & HACCP Level 2. Food workers should be able to demonstrate level 2 skills within 3-12 months of commencing employment in a food business. This is the recommended level for all food handlers who do not have management responsibility for HACCP.

Course duration for a level 2 course should be 8-10 hours. It is often delivered as a full day course or can be spread over multiple days. Here are course options:

Food Safety Level 2 OnlineNational Hygiene Partnership Training, Level 3 Food Safety Training, QQI Food Safety HACCP Training

FSPA Food Safety & HACCP Level 2

EHAI Primary Course in Food Safety

QQI Level 4 Food Safety Incorporating HACCP


Level 3 – Food Safety & HACCP for Management

Level 3 Food Safety Courses defines food safety skills for management and enables them to support and encourage the implementation of the food safety skills defined in Levels 1 and 2. There should be at least one food worker at management level on duty in a food premises with Level 3 Training.

Courses vary in Length from 3-4 days depending on courses. Speak to us about which of the following level 3 courses best suit your needs. Anyone undertaking a level 3 course should have a thorough knowledge of level 2 Food Safety & HACCP.

NHP Management of Food Safety & HACCP Level 3

FSPA HACCP Management Level 3

QQI Level 5 Implementing Food Safety Management Systems

QQI Level 6 Designing Food Safety Management Systems

QQI Level 6 Conducting Food Standards Auditing


We hope we have helped to answer the question: What Level of Food safety training do I need? If you still have queries, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further. If you have already decided what level of food safety training you require but not sure how to go about booking a trainer you might want to read our tips on choosing a trainer.